Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vampire Bookworm Bookmark

Hello Creative Writers! Check out this week's Bookworm Bookmark. I need your help, though! Can you name this bookworm? What is this bookworm's favorite book? And where is this bookworm from? In other words, what is this bookworm's STORY??? Post your ideas in the comment section below and earn $10 Melon Dollars!


  1. This bookmark is called Little WalR’Us, named after his favorite toy store. He is from Antarctica and was travelling with his family when he got lost. He remembered his favorite book called ‘Where’s Walrus’ and turned himself into a bookmark so maybe someone will put him that book and he will be able to find his family.

    - Amar

  2. Dear Professor Watermelon,
    I personally think that this particular bookworm resembles a vampire, because of its teeth. So, I suggest it should be called, Wormie the Reading Vampire!!! Wrv for short. Its favorite book should be the book, "Wonderful Worms" by Linda Glaser. And its least favorite book, "Yucky Worms" by Vivian French. The bookworm should be from inside a book about worms (where he is the main character), and he is visiting the world because he was here for a book signing. But in the process, he got lost and is probably going to be sold to one of the kids at creative writing at Bear Creek. Wrv is soooo cute!!! Did you make him Professor Watermelon???

    1. Wormie the Reading Vampire! I LOVE IT!

      I love what you wrote, Shreya! And, yes, I did create this bookworm, and I'm happy you gave him a name!

      See you Wednesday!

  3. this bookworm name is vamie the vampire. he came from the book called dracula which is also his faverite book to fly arond in also he likes hallonween because nobody thinks he hurts people and that is true.

    the end

  4. All I can think of is Vampi for a name.Its favorite book should be about violence because vampires drink blood and he should read books that are violent because the book would have a lot of blood in it, for example "The Hunger Games",and Twilight because that is about vampires. I think Vampi should stay in tree house in the forest so it can catch any kind of animal. A good story for Vampi is that Vampi got a friend that is a human not a vampire. But he never will drink that persons blood because he will be friends with him forever. The conflict of the story is that Vampi's family wants to kill his friend because vampires will never be friends with a human but there is a happy ending because Vampi saves his human friend.

    -Queen Puppy Lover

  5. For this little vampire I will call it Chompers. Its favorite book is the twilight series. Chompers came from the store Hobby Lobby. He was crocheted by Professor Watermelon, but he was bought from an auction for 50 melon money.


  6. The vampire bookworm's name is Vladimir, Vlad for short. He is from a dark cave in Transylvania. His father is Dracula and his mother is a vampire named Elizabeth. His favorite food is moose blood, Maine style. He hates the sun, obviously because he's a vampire bookworm. He especially loves books. Vladimir's favorite book is Bunnicula. He likes it because Bunnicula reminds him of himself. His best friend is a firefly named Steve.