Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flying Purple People Eater!

Dear Creative Writers,

It looks like I have found the "One-Eye" of the Flying Purple People Eater. What should we do with it? 

Hold on, what if the One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater wants it back?


Here is your Creative Writing Challenge! 

Can you write a few paragraphs describing how the Purple People Eater lost its eyeball? Was it taken? Was it stolen? And who has preserved it in this plastic ball filled with solution? Does the Purple People Eater want it back? 

Let your imagination take the lead here! I can't wait to see what you create!

Happy Writing!

Professor Watermelon 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Runaway Sheep! Catch them with your FIVE Senses!

Hello Creative Writers!

I have another "Picture This" challenge for you! 

It is important for writers to use all five senses when they write stories. Why? Well, readers want to be transported to different places and times than what real life will allow. Since humans experience real life with all five senses, it is important for writers to describe their characters, plots, and settings with ALL five senses. Otherwise, a reader will NOT be transported properly, and they will probably stop reading your story. 

Here is your challenge. 

#1. Images often inspire ideas for stories. But images are seen, not felt, heard, smelled or tasted. Can you look at the above image and describe it with ALL five senses? Use your imagination.  

#2. Now, here is the fun part. It is time to use your sixth sense - otherwise called your "third-eye". Look at the same image and add to it. 

Do you see the space ship behind the sheep? Do you smell the fuel leaking from its engine. Why does it smell like rotten eggs? Do you hear that zapping sound? Why are the sheep disappearing into thin air? 

Sometimes, every scene will NOT contain all five senses. But where one scene lacks one or two of the senses, try to make up for it in another scene. 

Happy Writing!

Professor Watermelon

Monday, September 22, 2014

Who lives inside that tree?

Dear Creative Writers!

Welcome to a "Picture This" challenge. There are three parts to this challenge. 

#1. Describe what you see in this picture. Be sure to use descriptive words that will paint a picture for a reader who can't see this photograph.

#2. Now, use your third eye (your imagination) and describe this picture. This is your opportunity to add to the photograph. Maybe a gnome is peeking out of the whole in the tree trunk? Maybe a horse and carriage has stopped in the background? Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

#3. At this point you might have an idea for a story. Choose a main character. What does this character want? Who or what is keeping him/her/it from getting it? Now, write the story!

Happy Writing! 

Professor Watermelon 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Orange Aardvarks? Purple Baboons?

Dear Creative Writers!

I have unearthed one of the neatest books! It's an Orange Aardvark by Michael Hall! Take a look at the book trailer. 

Aardvarks are fascinating creatures. Some think they look like the cross between a rabbit and a pig. Take a look!

Here is your Creative Writing Challenge!

Michael Hall's MUSE for his book was aardvarks. How did he take an ordinary aardvark and make it extraordinary? Well, for starters, he turned his aardvark orange! Then, he gave it blue pajamas...ect...ect...

Can you choose a creature and turn it into an extravagantly different color. Then, create a setting where this creature-of-a-different-color lives. Remember... think ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

Professor Watermelon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Heroes and Villains: Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

We all know J.M. Barrie's Classic story of Peter Pan. He is one of the world's MOST beloved characters. 

But why is Peter Pan SO beloved and memorable?

Is it because he can fly? Is it because he never grows up? Is it because he is brave and conquers the fearsome Captain Hook? Probably all three.

Not only did J.M Barrie create a memorable main character (protagonist), he also created one of the world's favorite villains (antagonists), Captain Hook!

As you can see, our heroes and villain must both be memorable. How is Captain Hook a memorable character? Is it because he has a hook for a hand? Is it because he is terrified by the crocodile who ate that hand?

No matter what... both characters must be driven by what they want. What does Peter Pan want? What does Captain Hook want? And How does this create a conflict? Remember, with no conflict there is NO story.

Here is your creative writing challenge: 

We all know that Peter Pan conquers Captain Hook, but WHO has turned Peter Pan into a SALT SHAKER!? 

Is there a NEW villain in Neverland? Is it a character that we already know? Is it a new character? Who is it? What does he/she/it want? 

Looks like we have a new CONFLICT! Write a couple of paragraphs explaining this dire situation! Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to write the whole story! 

Happy Writing,

Professor Watermelon