Monday, October 29, 2012

Jade the Rat and the Cookie Mix-up: By Lauren B.

Photo Credit: Brian Boucheron
Jade the Rat and the Cookie Mix-up
By: Lauren B.
Chapter 1: The Scout
There once lived a rat named jade.
"I am awesome!”
Yes, Jade was one amazing girl.
"I'm a boy!"
Okay, anyway, Jade had four sisters, two brothers and one baby. All of them were annoying to her.
"I'm telling you one more time and one time only that I'm not a GIRL!  Second of all, they weren't just annoying.  They are SUPER annoying - the kind of annoying that drives you up a tree! There's a big difference here!”
Let's move on. One day while Jade was walking down Main Mouse Street, he met a girl mouse.
When jade walked up to the girl she said, “Hi, I'm a Girl Rat Scout, would you like to buy a box of chocolate chip cookies?”
Jade thought about it. In his head, he remembered that his mom had said to never trust  any Girl Rat Scouts, but he loved chocolate chip cookies.
Jade looked at her 1 more time.  She stared at him with gleaming eyes.  Jade couldn't resist it. He said, “Okay, one box of cookies, please!”
“Coming right up!” said the girl as she gave Jade the box with a wink.             
Chapter 2: Mixed Up
When jade got home, his mom asked him where he had got those cookies. Jade quickly said he had gotten them from the marker. He didn't want to risk telling his mom. He would have to do a lot of explaining, and he hated explaining stuff to his mom.
After escaping from his mom he ran to his room and opened the cookie box and took a bite from one of the cookies. He spit it out and ran down stairs.
“Mom, I bought a box of cookies from a Girl Rat Scout, “he told her. “And she said they were chocolate chip, but they were actually oat meal raisin cookies and you know I hate oatmeal raisin cookies.
“Well, I am really ashamed of you,” said Jade’s mother. “I told you almost every day not to trust Girl Rat Scouts!  You’re going to have to deal with them on your own!”
Chapter Three: Cookies
The next day, Jade marched up to the spot where he had met the Girl Rat Scout, and he tried to find her. There she was standing right in front of him.
“Give me back my money,” said Jade. “You said that you would give me chocolate chip cookies, not oatmeal raisin cookies!”
“Yes I did,” said the snotty rat. “But when you asked for it, you said ‘could I have a box of cookies?’  You didn't say what type, so I picked for you and since we were running out of chocolate chip cookies, I gave you oatmeal raisin cookies!  And no, I will not give you your money back and I promise that!”
Chapter Four: Arrested
Ding! It was almost like a light bulb had struck Jade's head! He had an excellent idea. He would call the police because the police arrest anybody even if they didn't do a serious crime. The Girl Rat Scout would be arrested before you could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
When Jade went to the police station, he told the police officer about the crime. The police officer said that he wanted to meet the selfish stinking rat! When the girl saw the police she ran away screaming, and she was never seen again!
1. Dead rats are often seen in the road.
2. Crows eat dead rats
3. Their favorite food is mac and cheese
Lauren: What a fun story. I am so happy that you found the creative writers MUSE after reading the WEEKLY MUSE on Rats. I am very proud of you, Lauren. I can't wait to read more of your stories. You certainly have TALENT!
With Imagination,
Professor Watermelon


  1. Lauren I love your story!😍🌈🌌❄✨🐎🐼.


  2. I really liked your story, you have an amazing imagination!!!!