Friday, October 26, 2012

Thank You, Emerald Park Elementary!

Dear Mr. Johnson's Class,

Thank you for inviting me to your classroom this morning. I am always so impressed with your behavior, manners, enthusiasm, and TALENT! I am honored to know each of you, and I thank you for letting me be a part of your life journey! See you again soon!

Hugs and Imagination,

Professor Watermelon


  1. 1.What if a giant lollipop ruled the U.S.A?
    2.What if a rainbow lollipop got eaten by a monster?
    3.What if on Halloween everyone gave lollipops?
    4.What if some sort of person made a rule that no one was able to eat lollipops for a year?
    5.What if a person ate the rainbow lollipop at one time?
    6.What if I found a lollipop that was 1000lbs?
    7.What if Proffessor Watermelon from now on only sold lollipops at the ouction?
    8.What if Mrs.Kim turned into a lollipop.
    9.What if my mom was a lollipop?
    10.What if my dad was a lollipop?
    11.What if my sister was a lollipop?
    12.What if my family was a lollipop?
    13.What if everything was made of a lollipop?
    14.What if there was lollipop flavored ice cream?
    15.What if there was a lollipop flavored frosting?
    By: Ritika Chobhe

  2. We are proud to know you and work with you as our writing becomes stronger and more detailed.
    Thank you Professor Watermelon!
    Mr. Johnson's class

    1. Thank you, Mr. Johnson's Class for that nice note! I always looking forward to visiting your class. You are all talented writers, and I am happy to be a part of your educational journey! BIG HUG!