Monday, October 15, 2012

MUSEBOX: Who Rattled My Bones?!

Greetings Professor Watermelon,

While I was haunting the cemetery, I found this tiny skeleton sitting on my tombstone. He is obviously just a little decoration, but I found him quite charming and demanding of a story to be written about him. Professor Watermelon, could your Creative Writers take on this challenge? I was a famous writer during my day. I wonder if your students even know my name. Hmm.

Sleepy and Hollow,

The Ghost of Washington Irving

Mr. Irving,

It is an honor to share your tiny skeleton decoration with my creative writers, and I am sure they are up for a spooky challenge. And since my creative writers are very worldly and smart, I am sure they know who you are - especially this time of year!

Happy Haunting,

Professor Watermelon

Dear Creative Writers,

This is a very special skeleton. I mean, how often do you get this kind of MUSEBOX gift from a ghost, especially the ghost of a famous American writer. This is a two part challenge. Can you tell this tiny skeleton's story. Also, can you give me three facts about Washington Irving? This challenge is worth $25 Melon Dollars!

With Imagination!
Professor Watermelon


  1. born apirl 3,1783
    died november,28 1859 by Evan Giacobbe
    he wrote Rip Van Winkle

    born apirl 3,1783
    died november 28,1859
    he wrote the legend of sleepy hollow
    by Aybala

  2. Once there was a skeleton. It was sitting on
    Washington Irving's grave.There was a struck of
    lightning. Then it walked again. Everything went wrong. Everything was black and white. There were no video games, just boring games. No fun toys. It was no fun at all.

    Evan and Aybala

  3. This is the skeleton that won the very small and scary contest. He hated when people rattled his bones. So that was a problem because he had been trying to shed his skin and when they wiggled the skin it hurt. So he came up the solution. Me and my teacher said if you rattle my bones you will get a sheet. The sheet says what you did and goes home. So you and your mom can see it. Then the skeleton for now on never had his bones rattled again.

  4. Here ya go!

    1.) Washington Irving was born on April 13th, 1783, in Manhattan.

    2.) He had a sibling named William Irving.

    3.) He snuck out of class to go to theater.

  5. Another 3 facts adding to Michelle's!

    1.)Author of a famous story: The legend of sleepy hollow.
    Plus many other famous books!

    2.)Washington Irving was born on April 3, 1783 (not 13)
    Which coincidentally happens to be my birthday as well!

    3.) Washington was born and died in New York.
    -Shreya (6th)

  6. Washington Irving wrote Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. From the time of its publication Irving became a celebrity.
    He borrowed ideas from German sources.

    Once there was a skeleton, he loved to play outside in the cemetery. One day he found a hole, a deep dark hole. He did not know what was inside it, so he jumped in to see. It was deep and dark down there and he couldn't see anything. Then in the distance, he saw a shadow. He walked towards it, and discovered it was Washington Irving. Washington Irving said that this was his hole, he works in it everyday. They became friends and Washington Irving asked him to protect his tombstone so he would be protected and wouldn't be bothered.
    One day when the skeleton was on the tombstone watching out for Washington Irving he saw another hole. He didn't want to leave Irving's tombstone, but he asked Washington Irving if he could go check it out. Washington Irving told him the hole had other skeletons like him and if he wanted to go see he could. The skeleton did go see the new hole and discovered many new skeleton friends, but then went back to watch over his good friend Washington Irving's tombstone.


  7. - Washington Irving wrote the famous story Rip Van Winkle.
    - He was born in 1783 and died in 1859.
    - He lived in New York City.
    - In addition to being an author, he was also the US ambassador to Spain.

    This little skeleton is not a decoration – he is a Lilliputian from Gulliver’s Travels. He was a writer in the Lilliputian village when Gulliver visited. He got very friendly with Gulliver who told him about all the famous authors from his travels who were living as well as dead, like Washington Irving. The Lilliputian visited everyone he could and even after he died, his skeleton tried to find the others. When Washington Irving saw him on his tombstone, the skeleton was waiting for Washington’s ghost to show up so he could meet and chat with one of the famous authors.

    - Amar

  8. 1.Washington Irving wrote "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle".
    2.He was born April 3,1783 in New York City, New York.
    3.He died November 28, 1859 Sunnyside, Tarrytown, New York age 76. (The day after my birthday).

    Once there was a skeleton who`s name was Taylor. Taylor lived in the cemetary. When Taylor was playing by a grave stone she noticed another skeleton. His name was Jayden. Jayden and Taylor soon became friends, but one day when Jayden and Taylor were playing hide-and-go-seek Taylor couldn`t find Jayden anywhere.Soon Taylor grew tired, so she found a hole to rest in. When she was in the hole Taylor found Jayden eating pears.Then Jayden and Taylor made a house and lived happily ever after. The End! ~Lauren

  9. James- 3 facts: Washington Irving was born in April 3, 1783, he wrote The Sleeping Author, and he died in November 28, 1859 The skeleton wanted to see whether there was food or not. This skeleton wasn't any ordinary skeleton. In fact, he was glad that he died. He was glad because he could eat delicious food. When he got hands on a pie, he ate all of it and grew fat. Then he would go to sleep after he ate. The End

  10. ounce upon a graveyard there was vampire with a stuff animal. He named it day the vampire was walkind in the graveyard and never know he drop rattles. Rattles thought the vampire didnt care about him any he went on a magical adventure.then one day a ghoust pick rattles up he saw that it said he went to the vampire house and the vampire huged rattles he gaved the ghoust 5 brains for finding rattles.and so rattles found out that the vampire did love him after all. the end.

    1.washindton irving wrote the famous book sleepy howllow.
    2.he was an international sensaction.
    3.he died on november 28 1859