Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bookworm Bookmark: Pumpkin Seed

Hello Creative Writers,

Look at this week's BOOKWORM BOOKMARK! I've named him Pumpkin Seed, but I'd love for you to name him/her, too. As you can see, this BOOKWORM BOOKMARK is enjoying my favorite pumpkin book, The Runaway Pumpkin, by Kevin Lewis. It looks like the bookworm might be more interested in the PIG than the book, though. Ha-ha-ha! I see a story taking place. Do you? Can you write it? If you can, post your story in the comment section and I will give you $10 Melon Dollars!

With Imagination,
Professor Watermelon


  1. Once upon a time there was a big, giant, huge bookworm!"Ah!" I screamed.It was also making some weird noises.Then I stopped and looked at the creepy bookworm.It was pointing at the pumpkin patch!"Oh" I said,"I think since you like pumpkins so much, you from now on will be called Pumpkin Seed" and then I gave Pumpkin Seed a pumpkin- Revanth THE END

  2. I would name this bookmark Rabbo-Pumpkin-Roll. He is a pumpkin with front teeth like a rabbit and moves by rolling. He was rolling down a hill when the pig saw him, got scared and started running. But he is just a nice friendly pumpkin.

    - Amar

  3. Once upon a time there was a orange colored bookworm,he loved the book, The Runaway Pumpkin. The bookworms name was Pumpkin. He would read "The Runaway Pumpkin everyday because it was Pumpkins favorite book. Suddenly he got kind of bored of read that book over and over again. So he searched for a different book. He found the book Amelia Bedilia and the baby, and he loved that book. He has been missing out because he has been reading "The Runaway Pumpkin" all his life.There are many other good books out there.For now on he is reading different kinds of books like mystery,nonfiction,fiction,biography etc.

  4. I would name the pumpkin pump.

    Once upon a time lived a big orange bookworm named Pump. He really wanted to read a book that was his only dream.Pump really wanted to Pump was orange and had an orange tail. he was bought buy a little girl in an auction for 50 melon money. When Pump got home he got to read a book. Pump was excited it was his first book. He had finally got to read a book. He had accomplished his dream.