Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MUSEBOX: The Keeper of the EYEBALLS!

Dear Creative Writers!

I understand that today is Halloween, but LOOK at what arrived in the MUSEBOX!!!

And when I opened it, LOOK at what I found! EYEBALLS!

I think they are chocolate, but this is still CREEPY! Do you also see that rolled up note??? LOOK at what it says!

"Eye am the Keeper of the Eyes!" Eeeek! Who could have sent this to me? And Why? What kind of message are they trying to make? I don't get it. Do you? In the comment section below, can you write a few paragraphs letting me know what you think this MYSTERY is all about?
Happy HALLOWEEN, I think.....
Professor Watermelon


  1. I think that it was from a spooooooooooooooky grave ward and the owl was from some ones grave stone so he came back alive to come and scare us!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!

  2. The sender of the chocolate covered eyeballs wanted to give candy to Prof. Watermelon for Halloween but Prof. Watermelon never came trick or treating. So the sender had to send it in the musebox.

    Can you guess who the sender is? Give up?

    It’s Whootie the Owl. He has 2 BIG Eyes (clue: the note starts and ends with an Eye with a capital E) and we know that owls are wise and smart – so he made the sender’s name a riddle.

    - Amar

  3. one day a eye was walking when a eyeking was caling a owl. the owl traved taking eyes and zapping them the eye know it had to stop. he took a woodchip and smashed the owl but the eyeking got mad and sent his army. the eye destroyed the army and took care of the eyeking.

    the end

  4. It was 11:50 pm on Halloween night. In the middle of the darkest, most scary forest, an owl named Monogram was trying to prove his friends wrong. They believed in a legend that an owl would turn to stone if he took the eyes of the Halloween cyclops. So, Monogram flew to the highest branch of the tallest tree in the woods. When it struck midnight, just as legend said, a group of cyclops appeared. He got into position and took off. Like an eagle catching a fish, claws straight out, ready for prey, he dove. From cyclops to cyclops he snatched eye after eye until there was only one more left. Just as he got the last eyeball in his grip, he fell to the ground as hard as a rock and as still.

    His friends now knew the legend to be true and so the rest of the legend must also be true. If the eyeballs of the cyclops are eaten by young writers, the owl will be turned back into a real owl and be known as the bravest Halloween Owl the world has ever known. So, his friend Carl brought Monogram to Professor Watermelon. Carl hoped Professor Watermelon would know the legend of "The Keeper of the Eyes" and would feed the eyeballs to his young creative writers so he could have his friend Monogram back.

    -Joshua L.

    1. one halloween night the owl was carving twelve eyeballs.Then I was walking it attacked me!!!!!!!

  5. One Halloween night I was walking through the forset.Then I saw an owl.The owl was the haunted owl she scatered her eyes.Then I started to pick up the eyes.she chased me.She said'I will haunt you!'But once I got out of the forset,she spotted following me.But I had no idea that she was still haunting me.

    by Aybala and Joyce