Monday, October 8, 2012

The Soccer Moon: By Ryan T.

The Soccer Moon
By: Ryan T.

Once there was a moon. Now, I am not talking about the one that stands there in your sky. I'm talking about a moon that could walk and talk and all of that.

One day the moon came across a sign that said “SOCCER TEAM, NEED PLAYER, THE ROARING RHINOS.”

The moon said, "Oh what a wonderful idea. I will tryout soccer, and I will try my hardest."

He went to the place that it said on the sign. He went and the coach came up and said, "Hey, are you ready to play soccer!"

 And the moon said, "Yes, coach!"

Then the coach asked, "What's your name?"

And the moon said, "Moon."

The coach then said, "An unusual name but ok, welcome to the team."

The moon said, "Awesome!"

Then the coach said, "Ok, so Moon, that sign is pretty old and we have already started but we are having one more game and this is going to be the championship game. I want you to try your hardest, alright?"

 And the moon replied, "Yes, Coach!"

So the team had practiced passing to each other. Moon was nailing the passes, left and right. He was doing great speed and great accuracy. Then during water break, the coach was impressed and he came up to him and said, "Have you ever had experience on a team?"

And the Moon said, "Nope, it is my first time playing."

And then the coach walked away. They did shooting and other sorts of drills and then the practice was finished.

The moon was excited because the game was tomorrow, and then the moon went home, got in bed and visualized himself scoring a goal....

The next day he woke up, and he was really excited. He got his soccer gear on and went to the field. He went to his team and when he arrived he started announcing the line-up.

"Ok George, I want you as center defense. Harold, I want you as left defense. Thomas, I want you as right defense. Bob, I want you as right mid field. Steve, I want you as left mid field. Then Ryan and Moon are the forwards.”

So we started the game, and Ryan passed it to Moon and Moon passed it to Ryan and Ryan passed it to Bob and Bob shot and SCORED!!!! So that was the first goal, but when the first half ended, it was 2-2 tie. The coach said, "You guys are playing well out there, just keep it up and we might win."

So they went out on the field and they scored another goal.

But out of nowhere, a kid from the other team scores. There was only 5 minutes left in the game and the last minute was amazing.

So Moon did not give up because he wanted to win, so he got the ball and there was 5 seconds left. He beat one guy, 4! He beat another one, 3! He beat another one, 2! He beat the last guy, and he was in front of the goalie, 1! He shot and he ......... SCORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was going down the field celebrating and his teammates hugged him and he was so happy. He always remembered that day, and he is still playing today.

The End
Congratualations, Ryan, for the publication of your story on my blog. What a great way to use the Moon as your MUSE.


  1. Dear Professor Watermelon,

    I've heard a lot about you. And let me tell you, I AM NOT WHAT MY FRIENDS SAY I AM. I am not overindulgent, nor do I talk too much and too fast, and I don't sit in gardens. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the Travelosity Gnome is yours truly. Now, let me tell you what happened today. So my boss starts complaining about how I spent 'company money' to get a 14k gold tip on my hat. But aren't gold hats a necessity? I mean, when you think about it, gold-tipped hats are but a small fee to pay for my genius! So he handed me a pink paper with 'Employee Termination' stamped on it. Whatever. So then, I went to the place where we were supposed to shoot a advertisement. And there was another gnome where I was supposed to be. So I pushed him off the chair. Apparently they wanted me to take the day off, because they took me outside (quite roughly, I may add) and put me on the sidewalk. So I shuffled home to my gard--I mean, luxury mansion. Now, Mr. Watermelon, I bet you're wondering why I wrote this letter. That's because I think you look okay, so I wanted to gift you with this stupendous work of literature. 95% royalty, please.


    T.G Gnome.

    (With some help from Michelle B.)

  2. Dear T.G. Gnome,

    Aren't you a clever fellow! And, yes, I think every self-respecting gnome deserves a gold-tipped hat, no matter the cost. And once we are properly acquainted, I hope you invite me over to your luxury mansion for a nice "garden" salad.

    As far as royalties, you deserve 100%! See, we will get along just fine!


    Professor Watermelon