Saturday, March 15, 2014

Young Authors write about LIONS!

My Creative Writers had lots of fun with last week's PICTURE THIS challenge. Take a look at some of the stories inspired by this photograph!

Photo by: Derek Keats

By: Luke N.

I see a lion that isn't so silent as the other. One is asleep and the other is on guard for everything that passes by their turf. The lions are the last of their kind. 

Then, a purple lion steps onto their turf.  The awake lion is very curious, especially when a three ton purple with green dots Tyrannosaurus Rex runs by chewing gum. Another purple lion is riding on the big dinosaurs back! It was the weirdest scene the lion had ever seen - especially when a two thousand pound  polar bear walks by. It goes "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" as it stomps the day away!

Before the lion goes to sleep, he sees a parade of OREOS walk by. It is the Tribe of Ordorbeos! They walk by singing their song, " Oreo... Oreeeeo! Oreo... Oreeeo!

A parade of gum marches by and some hamburgers to top it off! The lion also sees a parade of chocolate covered lollipops run by to catch up. Then, they turn into strawberry flavored lollipops that walk on the moon.

The moon is a giant rock candy  that shines grey. The sun shines bright like a lemon drop.

Wait! It was a lemon drop. The people of Notre Dame came holding jellybeans in their hands. 

The lion sighed and fell asleep. He awoke to find that he was swimming in a pool of jellybeans. They vanished.

The other lion woke up and said, "What did I miss?"

The Magic Place
By: Cooper F. 

I see two lions sitting near a field, and the male is alert and the female is napping. 

There is a forest near them. They go into the forest to go hunting, and the forest is really a portal that makes them a plant.

In the plant world, you can press a button and be changed into another plant.

Somehow there was a miniaturized mouse in a miniaturized hot air balloon, and they were not plants. The mouse told the lions, who were now plants, that he was the owner of the plant world. 

The mouse told them that if you come into the plant world from the top, you and your item that brought you there would be miniaturized and NOT turned into plants. 

The lions felt paralyzed. "But how did you set up this magical place?" said one of the lions.

"I saw the symbol for "pie" and pressed it," said the mouse. "That's how I got this rigged up."

What I See
By: Ben 

I see a lion and another lion. One is alert, and the other one is taking a nap.

The lion saw a ladybug in sunglasses and a jet-pack on, and he said, "I now own this 200,000 acres of land.

The lion refused, "No! This is my land, and I have a jaw and I'm not afraid to use it!"

The ladybug said, "Let's make a deal. You get 100,000 and I get the other 100,000 acres of land."

The lion agreed.

The ladybug wanted a motorcycle, so he said to the lion, "Can I have $20,000,000,000?"

The lion said, "No, you can't have $20,000,000,000 or whatever it costs.

"But I want a motorcycle SO badly," said the ladybug.

"Why didn't you say so," said the lion. "I have a motorcycle you can have. I rode it when I was young. It has flames!"

"Awesome," said the ladybug. "I also want a radio that has Justin Bieber songs on it, and a karaoke machine so I can sing to it."

"Man," the lion said. 

"Do not call me 'Man' again," said the ladybug.

So the ladybug got his stuff and left. They lived happily ever after.

The Death
By: Sydney S.

I'm Fero the Lion, and I have a wife named Taro. We are lions.

I want to tell you about the time I met humans. I was in the green grass, in the safari day dreaming when suddenly I was in a HUGE net. It was made of metal.

I was soon tossed into a truck - an ENORMOUS truck. It smelled like flowers. The ride was bumpy. I soon heard the radio and went to sleep.

I woke up in a place called Professor Watermelon's House and was underneath a pile of bookworms.

I then saw my wife, and we began to rip our way out. When we got out, I saw Professor Watermelon in his bed. He was writing a book called LIONESS IN THE SAFARI. We sat there for sixteen hours until Professor Watermelon said, "Don't cut me please! I just want to have you for pets. I want to write a book about you and teach you how to crochet a bookworm for my creative writers.

I felt his hand touch me. It felt cold and soft. I stood up and I said, "ROOOAAARRR! I will help you but only if you give me food and you don't kill us and you won't take our skins. DO YOU HEAR ME? ROOOAAARRR!"

"Yes, I promise," said Professor Watermelon. 

After that, we were best friends. We would play, run, eat, write, talk, sleep, nap, and watch TV together. We had SO much fun.

BUT on September 11, 2009 the twin towers fell, and they fell on us. I ran and ran and ran and ran until I found my wife, Taro. But when I get there, it was too late. She was dead. 

I went back to Africa and got killed by an alligator. So. that is my story, and I will have more.

My name is Faro, and I am a lion, "ROOOOOAAAAARRRRR!"

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