Friday, March 21, 2014

The MUSEBOX: Flamingos on a Stick

Photo by: Glor Barrett

Greetings Creative Writers!

Something arrived in the MUSEBOX this week, and I am incredibly excited to share it with you! What could it be?

My new book! FLAMINGOS ON A STICK! It's spookier and goofier than my last book, HERBERT! Take a look at the cover!

Flamingos on a Stick

I will tell you more about the book later, but I want to share with you my MUSE for this book. Can you imagine what it might be??? You got it! FLAMINGOS!

So, here is your CREATIVE WRITING CHALLENGE. Can you use FLAMINGOS for your creative writing MUSE? Let me help you get inspired. 

Watch a baby flamingo hatch from an egg. Is there a story here?

What about these DANCING flamingos? Is there a story here?

And if you are still stumped, take a look at how the creators of Sesame Street used a Flamingo as their MUSE. 

WOW, and opera singing FLAMINGO!

Now it is your turn to take an Ordinary Flamingo and make that flamingo EXTRAORDINARY! Create a main character. What does that main character want more than anything? Who is trying to keep the main character from getting what they want? 

The possibilities are endless! 

Happy Writing,

Professor Watermelon

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