Sunday, September 22, 2013


Professor Watermelon with his puppet friend, Otis the Crow!
I was walking around my neighborhood this weekend and saw one of the most beautiful crows perched on a fence. He bobbed his head up and down and made a low guttural caw-cawing sound. His feathers were shiny black, but with the autumn sun shining on them, a dark purple sparkled. I was mesmerized by this magical creature. I knew then and there that I had found our Weekly MUSE!

I went back to my writer’s studio and began researching this magnificent bird. Here is what I found:

Crows are not your ordinary “birdbrained” creature. In fact, crows are incredibly smart. Some researchers say that crows are as smart as chimpanzees and gorillas – a somewhat close relative to humans. WOW!
American Crow

And crows have developed quite a close relationship with humans. In most places around the world, if you can find us, you can find them. The same could be said for rats, but rats try to hide from us while crows will sometimes try to find us.

Just like humans, crows have problem solving skills. They will make tools from wire and sticks to retrieve food from a hole. They will also place nuts in the middle of the road and wait for a car to crack it open. Take a look at the video to see this for yourself.

Crows are also very social birds. They travel together, live in families, protect each other, and even mourn the deaths of fellow crows. And if you cross a crow and cause him/her danger, he/she will call for help. Within moments a mob of crows will come to the rescue. They will scold you and possibly dart down at you from the overhead trees.

Crows can also remember faces. If you have ever caused a crow harm, he/she will not forget you. The crow’s family will unlikely forget you as well – and they are unlikely to ever forgive you.

But the most amazing insight I have learned about crows is their ability for friendship. In this video you will see two natural born enemies show love and compassion for one another.

Doesn’t that video just make your hear all warm and fuzzy. SMILE!

If you would like to learn more about crows and their common characteristics, look here.

With this new knowledge, what kind of story could you write? Maybe these WHAT IF questions will help you get started.

WHAT IF your main character (a human) becomes best friends with a crow?

WHAT IF crows go someplace magical at night, and your main character follows them to this magical place?

WHAT IF your main character understood the language of crows? Would this unlock secret knowledge about the human race?

The possibilities are endless, and please leave your own what if questions in the comment section below. I’d love to see what you come up with.

So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, a pencil and a piece of paper, and let’s begin. With your imagination, we can go anywhere. I look forward to seeing where you take us.

With Imagination,

Professor Watermelon

The word of the day is “mourn”. Here is the definition: to feel or express sadness for the death or loss of someone or something.

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