Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look WHO Hooted His Way Into the MUSEBOX!

This is Larry perched at his desk.

Professor Watermelon,

WHO do those people on TV think they are? Have you seen the commercial - the one making fun of us owls. They say we aren't as wise as people think we are. Take a look at the commercial spreading this ridiculous rumor!


Those silly owls must be paid actors. TRAITORS!

Do you think your creative writers can set the record straight? Maybe if they write some stories about some truly remarkable owls, we can stop this video from going viral.



Dear Larry,

You have to admit that the commercial is pretty funny. And they didn't say that ALL owls aren't wise - just some. As for my creative writers, I think they would love to write stories about some EXTRAORDINARY owls. Let's see what (or WHO) they come up with.


Professor Watermelon

Dear Creative Writers,

WHO can take Larry's challenge? If you write a story featuring an EXTRAORDINARY owl, you will earn $10 Melon Dollars per page instead of $5.

Here are some "What if" questions to get you started:

What if an owl was the president of a computer company? (Notice the picture of larry and the symbol behind him.)

What if you created a character named Owlbert Einstein?

Have a HOOT creating these stories!

With Imagination,

Professor Watermelon

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