Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The MUSEBOX: A Gift from Santa's Elves

Greetings Professor Watermelon,

Our North Pole Teddy Bear factory has never been busier. We have stuffed nearly a million Teddy Bears in last week. We wanted to send you a few of these Teddy Bears to share with your Creative Writing students. I'm sure Santa won't mind! We also wanted to ask your Creative Writers if they could write a story about our Teddy Bears and the factory. Do you think they are up for it?

Happy Holidays!

Santa's Elves

Dear Santa's Elves,

I LOVE these Teddy Bears. They are so soft and cuddly! And I'm absolutely certain that my Creative Writing students will LOVE them, too. As for the Teddy Bear stories, you got it. Let's see what my Creative Writers come up with.

Seasons Greetings!

Professor Watermelon

Dear Creative Writers,

You heard them! Santa's elves want some Teddy Bear stories. Can you write one? Maybe your main character is a Teddy Bear. What does this Teddy Bear want more than anything in the world. Who is keeping the Teddy Bear from getting it? You can write your story in the comment section below, or you can bring it to Creative Writing Club. This challenge is worth $20 Melon Dollars!

With Imagination,
Professor Watermelon


  1. Once upon tine there lived three teddy bears. There names were Fluffy, Smarty, And Robot. They all had super powers. Fluffy was so fluffy that people never stopped playing with him. Smarty was so smart that when villains were coming he would time robot to beat up the villains. Robot was the one with the best super powers. He could laser beam the bad guys or use his iron fist.

    Jack Hufford

  2. Title: Santa’s Presents Get Lost

    One crispy evening, a nice family that always sends presents to Santa before Christmas eve, sent him 3 Teddy Bears to be stuffed and decorated at the Teddy Bear Factory in the North Pole. Santa picked up the mail, deposited the package at the factory and went to sleep around 8 o’clock. In the morning a burglar thought everyone was asleep and went to the factory to steal Teddy Bears. He picked up those Teddy Bears but as he was leaving, Santa woke up and saw him. Santa chased him for 5 minutes and as he got close jumped on him – both fell in the snow. Santa grabbed the presents and ran back to the factory but this time the burglar chased him to get the 3 Teddy Bears back. Santa said stop – this is crazy because we are both getting tired. Let’s decide who keeps the Teddy Bears by playing a dart match – first to 500 wins. Both Burglar and Santa were good at darts, so this was going to be a tough match. First round – both Santa and Burglar got 60. In the next round the burglar got 40 and Santa got 20. Santa was anxious – he thought he might lose since burglar was ahead of him. Third round, Santa got 40 and Burglar got 20 – they were tied. Next round, both got 125 – the match was still tied. In the subsequent round, both got 100. Then the burglar had a thought – why don’t I become a good guy and get a job as one of Santa’s elves. He suggested that and Santa said of course. So they didn’t need to finish the match. The Teddy bears were sent to 3 beautiful children on Christmas eve and everyone was happy.

    - Amar

  3. December,18,2012

    Once upon a time there lived 3 elves they owned a teddy bear factory.They loved their factory but one elf and one elf only,wanted something more,she wanted to make cookies.Did the other elfs think she could do it,no! be continued.

    Hayden Rubin

  4. This teddy bear would like to be like everyone else because a lot of bears think that he will never become a famous inventor.