Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Picture this...

Using the comment section below, write a few paragraphs describing this picture. This creative writing challenge is worth $10 Melon Dollars. Be creative (wink).


  1. This animal has super powers. She can blend in, And she can be as hard as a rock.

    Jack Hufford

  2. What you see is a lizard sitting on a rock. Looks like he is angry about something – maybe someone took his home that was in a nice cave where no predators could see him. The lizard his thinking about eating the guy that took his home. A couple of weeks back, I saw dinosaur fossils at the museum of Natural History in New York. I think this lizard is a small dinosaur that has a long life – over 300 million years.

    - Amar

  3. you know, i never thought i would be sitting on this rock. EVER. i mean i knew it could happen, but i never thought of it happening to me. so here is the story....
    i was minding my own business out in the desert, you know, eating some crickets, when this man walks up and puts me in a cage! i guess i should of been more careful, with mom and dad always saying "don't go up to the surface. It's very dangerous". but anyway, i was put into this strange big thing that had seats and tires and the horrible man in the front holding a wheel. the thing even moved! i wanted to git mom and dad one of them. i guess i fell asleep, because the next thing i know, i am in a different age that looks like my home and this little girl is screaming "I want this one! i want this one!" so then i am put in a cardboard box with holes in the top and am taken somewhere else! so now here i am. i miss my family. it seems pretty strange in here. i had never seen this moist green stuff i was standing on at my old home. it is called moss. and then there is water right in a bowl beside me! i used to have to walk SO FAR to get water before. i learned but with all that walking, i want to take a nap, so goodnight...
    Kristin L.

  4. All you see is a lizard sitting on a rock. But, if you look carefully at his face it looks like he is thinking about something. It seems like he is thinking of an evil plan. Because you can see in evil look on his face too. He must be looking for revenge, you totally see that. Also he might even be mad because he also has a mad face too. His face has many emotions, mad, evil plan face, and he is thinking. I personally think that he is thinking but he does not know what to do.

    -Queen Puppy Lover

  5. you see a dark and light lizard with a sneaky kind of evil look on his face. He looks like he is plotting something snesky on somebody and that may be why is sitting on the rock waiting to pounce on some thing. He might also be looking for dinner and mabey thats why there is a sneaky look on his face.

    lord cheesecake

  6. At first glance you don't realize what you are looking at. Mr. Startlingly Green Lizard is not a perfectly normal lizard. He is, in fact an extraterrestrial lizard from the planet Mars! But not only that he is not as you might think, thinking about food, but about the evil plans he and his master have come up with! He is an evil sorcerer working for the most malicious sorcerer on Mars,Marsarito! He and Marsarito are planning to d0 something but that is not revealed that easily. To find out, we will have to perform the noble art of Legilimency, as J.K. Rowling declares in her fifth Harry Potter novel. So beware, this is not a normal lizard!


  7. This lizard is thinking how he will get his food because he never caught his own food his mommy would have to catch his food.


  8. This green lizard is inside in a cage and sitting on a mossy branch. He has a sneaky look on his face because he is trying to find a way out so he can find some food like insects.

  9. What if this lizard turned into a fish?