Thursday, November 15, 2012

MUSEBOX: The ZarBomBos Want to be STARS!

Professor Watermelon!

We are from the Planet Zaztar, and we have come to Earth to seek fame and fortune. We heard that you lead a pack of Earthlings who create stories. It is our hope and desire that these Earthlings write stories in which we become the STARS! This is our only road to fame and fortune! Your creative writers must help us, or we may land in their backyards and cause mischief of one kind or another.

HooppaScootcha (Zaztarian for "Sincerely")

The ZarBomBos

Dear ZarBomBos,

Although alien mischief sounds quite exciting, I will certainly let my Creative Writers know of the challenge you have put before them. My Creative Writers are great at making EXTRAORDINARY character, and by the looks of you all, this task my be quite simple. (Chuckle)

Wishing you FAME and FORTUNE!

Professor Watermelon

Dear Creative Writers,

I may have the ZarBomBos on my hands, but you have a CREATIVE WRITING CHALLENGE on yours. Can you take these EXTRAORDINARY creatures and make them the STARS of your next story. You are welcome to share some ideas in the comment section below, and that will earn you $10 Melon Dollars. But if you write a full length story, I would love to publish it on this blog. If you work really hard, you will earn $100 Melon Dollars!

With Imagination,

Professor Watermelon


  1. What if the parade was cancelled?
    What if the balloons came to life?
    What if the marching bands were really zombies?
    What if the Kermit balloon was on the phone calling Ke$ha?
    What if there was a Laday Gaga balloon and she was really inside it?
    What if the ballooons were really floating metal on sticks?
    What if Santa got caught in the balloons when he was flying?
    What if the crown was chasing a turkey and it ended up in the turkey balloon and the people couldn't find it?
    What if it was a Christmas parade instead of a Thanksgiving parade?
    What if it was a Halloween parade and it was super scary and all the kids cried?
    What if it was so cold that it made the balloons deflate?
    What if hte balloons were fighting with each other?
    What if it was super windy and the balloons blew away and got stuck on the Statue of Liberty?
    What if the balloons were aliens?
    What if the balloons were regular size and all the people were really super tiny?
    What if hte audience was all dogs and other animals?
    What if we were giants and we popped the balloons?
    What if the balloons were filled with poison gas that killed everyone?
    What if the balloons floated all hte way up to the sun?
    What if the balloons really wanted to be free and didn't like being tied up and dragged around?
    what if the balloons had secret jetpacks?
    What if the parade was underwater?
    What if there was this kind of parade in Atlantis?
    What if the parade was for mermaids?
    What if the parade never ended and went all over hte country?
    What if the parade went to bed early?
    What if the balloons wanted to be alive?
    From Duane

  2. The ZarBomBos visited earth so they could become STARS. Someone recommended they talk to NASA. At NASA, the coated each ZarBomBo with a shiny, glow material and launched them into space on a rocket. They ended up in different places and started to glow. Many of the Stars we see in the sky are ZarBomBos with the special NASA coating.

    - Amar

  3. Prologue

    Once upon a time, 7 ZarBomBos came to earth from Planet Zaztar to seek fame and fortune and become Stars. Since they were much smaller than earthlings, they got dwarf names from Snow White. This is their story.

    Chapter 1: Tennis Player

    Dopey got a job as a ball boy at Wimbledon. There, he was able to closely watch the best tennis players and learn from them. Soon he had Del Pietro’s serve, Federer’s forehand and Djokovich’s backhand. He became a Tennis star.

    Chapter 2: Basketball Player

    Grumpy enrolled in giraffe school and became super tall. She loved bouncing and shooting baskets and became a Basketball star.

    Chapter 3: Football Player

    Doc ate and ate till he became really big. He worked out all-day till he was big and fit. He joined the SeaHawks as a football player than bangs into other players.

    Chapter 4: Musician

    Bashful learnt the piano. He practiced and practiced till he was really tired. Then he practiced some more. He became a Music star.

    Chapter 5: Swimmer

    Sleepy loved the water. His father was the coach of the ZarBomBo National Swimming team. Sleepy called him to earth and practiced with him every single day. Soon he was a swimming star.

    Chapter 6: Actor

    Sneezy was naturally talented as an actor and could do multiple roles. He saw movies and plays all the time and carefully watched what everyone was doing. He was the most good looking of all the ZarBomBos and soon got a role in a Hollywood movie.

    Chapter 7: Comedian

    Happy like his name was always having fun and fooling around. He loved telling jokes and making people happy. He just got lucky and became a well known comedian.


    It took many years but all the ZarBomBos became stars in their areas. The President of the United States invited all of them to the White House for a State Dinner. October 5th (my birthday) was declared ZarBomBo day!

    - Amar

  4. Once upon a time there was some slimy creatures named ZarBomsBos.
    They had nothing to. SO they try to take over the earth and eat everybody. but 1 little day these ZarBomBos were killed. They went into a vacuum cleaner.

    jack hufford