Monday, November 5, 2012

Bookworm Bookmark: Two New Candidates for President of the United States

Dear Creative Writers!

It looks like two new candidates have stepped up for the election tomorrow night. These two bookworm bookmarks are standing up for bookworms everywhere. Bookworms deserve rights, too! Can you write a few paragraphs through these Bookworms' perspectives explaining the type of AMERICA they want!

Remember that these are bookworms, not people. So try to really think what a bookworm would want. Have Fun!!! This challenge is worth $10 Melon Dollars!

With Imagination,
Professor Watermelon


  1. i vote for blue. i vote for red. okay one at a time. red your turn to speak. i want tobe president because i could help bookworms travel better to books. thank you. now for blue what do you want. i want to have us be able to travel to more books i will inspire people to wright more stories. okay who votes for red....
    289 now for blue.......2897567. we have a winner. blue is our president. thank you thank you i will be sure to have a great year. good night.

    the end......


  2. Hi everybody! Today is election day and many people are anxious to find out who will be our president.Okay here we have two canidates, Blue and Red.We will start with Red,what will you do if you are selected to be president?Well,I would make sure that every person gets in some book,thank you.How about Blue?Well,I would make Bookmark world very poupular,thank you.Now time for voting!Who votes for Blue?1,2,3...100,000,000,good.How about Red?1,2,3...999,999,999,good.Now Blue wins by 1 vote!

  3. The 2 bookmarks discussed and decided to form one team to stand up for the rights of bookmarks. They want – (1) everyone to read more so that all bookmarks have jobs, (2) people to be careful about what they use for placeholders – they should use proper bookmarks and not just put a pencil in the middle of the book, and (3) bookmarks should be treated with respect when not being used – not thrown in some corner. Go Bookmarks! We support you!

    - Amar

  4. I vote for red no blue wait ok I will vote for blue because pretend blue was Barack Onama and red Mitt Romney.

  5. Announcer: We’re back with the Bookworm Presidential Debate! Let’s have it for our candidates!
    Red: If I am elected president, I will have more libraries per state and more books per library.
    Blue: well, if I am elected pres’, I’ll have less graffiti at libraries and make bookland a nice place to live.
    Red: bookland is nice.
    Blue: I will make it nicer

    (Various dialogue)

    Announcer: well, that wraps up tonights Bookworm Presidential Debate. Thank you for listening and tune in tommorrow for more updates on our election!

  6. Who do you vote for? RED OR BLUE! I think that a lot of people will be voting! We get about 1.2 billion people vote a year.
    Blue says that he will ask to make more bookworms to expand the population of bookworms!

    Red tells people that he will get more books to read and make their "America" safe.


  7. Both blue and Red say that if Professor Watermelon makes more bookworms then the population would increase. And to get more books.

    -Queen Puppy Lover

  8. Today there is an election with Brinayna (blue), and Rubaiyat (red). Who do you want to win? Well the election will be after they get here and do their show! Oh! Here comes Brinayna ! And look! Here comes Rubaiyat! Give us a round of applause! Brinayna what do you want professor watermelon to do if you become president? I want you add more bookworms so there can be more for people to take home and then, they can have a nice home. I also think there should be more books to read since you could get ideas. Give us a round of applause! That was great! Your turn Rubaiyat. I think professor watermelon should um..... he should um.... brush his teeth! I'm sorry writer. That was the first thing I thought of. Do it again. I think professor watermelon should push the zipline! Now for the election! Who votes for Brinayna? I do I do I do! Let me see that is 123......1,000,000! Rubaiyat? hmm... one 2 3.....999,999! Brinayna wins! Sorry Rubaiyat. I'ts only by one. You will win next time. The End!
    -Bookworm books