Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Mad Popcorn Scientists (By: Alexei L.)

In 1492, two scientists discovered popcorn. The two scientists, Ned and Ted, ate popcorn while they played checkers.

There was a knock on the door. This evil but dastardly man named Professor Watermelon came barging in. He swiped the popcorn and left.

Ted and Ned went flying through the door.

Professor Watermelon made three obstacles: a big vine forest, a fire pit, and a huge waterfall.

Ted and Ned took a sword out and went through the forest. After they went through that, there was a big bowl of popcorn. Ted and Ned left the popcorn behind so that they could catch Professor Watermelon.

They came to the fire pit. But Ted and Ned didn’t have anything to get through. They thought about it, and Ted had an idea. There were rocks that made a path to the other side. So Ted and Ned skipped and jumped all the way over to the other side.

Then, they saw another bowl of popcorn. This time Ned grabbed some. It took them two miles to get to the waterfall. Ned threw some popcorn at the waterfall.

Something rumbled. The waterfall just exploded in from of their eyes. So, they ran through the cavern and saw another bowl of popcorn. This time, Ted grabbed some.

Ted and Ned found Professor Watermelon, and they tackled him!

Ted and Ned locked Professor Watermelon up, and they finally got to eat their popcorn and play checkers.

The End!

A note from Professor Watermelon: Great job Alexei. You used Popcorn as your MUSE, and your story is full of action. Better yet, you kept my attention. And I love that you used me as your ANTAGONIST! Hahaha! I like your characters, and I liked how you kept your story moving along to the end. I'd love to continue seeing your work. Send it to

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