Monday, April 11, 2016


Photo Credit: Kirstin McMillan
Greetings Creative Writers!

I LOVE dogs! And when I saw this puppy portrait, my imagination went wild. First of all, I wondered how the photographer was able to get all of these dogs to sit still. Then I wondered what kind of story I could write about this Canine Crew!

But I think I am going to leave that part up to YOU!

Here is you Creative Writing Challenge: Give each of these dog's a name. Then, decide what they want. Do they seek adventure? What kind of adventure? Who is the leader? 

Then, decide who is trying to stop this Canine Crew from getting what they want. A human? A storm? A CAT?

Speaking of cats, I'm reminded of one of my favorite dog stories, The Incredible Journey. The main characters include two dogs and one cat. The book was turned into a movie years ago called Homeward Bound. Take a look at the movie trailer below. 

Does that story inspire you to write your own canine story? I hope so! 

The possibilities are endless!

With Imagination,

Professor Watermelon

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