Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What if DINOSAURS could READ?

Dear Creative Writers,

What if dinosaurs could read? Would they have their own libraries with books the size of billboards? Or would they read the books in OUR libraries?

If they read the books in our libraries, which ones would they check-out? Comic books? Cook books? Or Romance?

Its interesting to think about, it isn't it? So, let's take these thoughts a step further with a Creative Writing Challenge!

Create a book-reading DINOSAUR character. Where does he/she live? What makes this dinosaur extraordinary (besides being able to read)? What does this dinosaur want? Who is keeping him/her from getting what they want?

Once you have an idea, begin writing your story. If you need some inspiration, read HENRY AND THE BUCCANEER BUNNIES! In this book, bunnies can read. But they aren't ordinary bunnies - they are extraordinary PIRATE bunnies!

Here's the cover:

Happy Writing!

Professor Watermelon

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