Monday, February 23, 2015


Dear Creative Writers,

We all know that Earth is our home, and we share this planet with billions of people, plants and animals. When we write stories, we often chose Earth as our setting, and we create an imaginary human or animal as the main character of our story.

But what if our story does not take place on Earth. Can we create a new planet? In fact, can we create new creatures to live on this planet - creatures completely  different from human beings or dogs or cats or rabbits or jelly fish or... well, you get the point! Yes, of course we can.

And let's try it today! Here is your creative writing challenge:

1. Create a new planet, and give it a name. What makes this planet different than Earth? How is it similar?
2. Create creatures that call this planet home. How are they different than the creatures on Earth? How are they similar?
3. Choose one of these creatures as a main character for your story? What does the character want more than anything? And who or what is keeping them from getting it.

If you need some inspiration, use this cute little guy below!

Happy Writing,

Professor Watermelon

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