Monday, October 28, 2013

Whose GRAVE is this?


Dear Creative Writers,
If you read the Weekly MUSE on Cemeteries, you know how much I enjoy imagining the life of the person buried under each tombstone. Here is your chance to do some imagining yourselves.
I found this very intriguing tombstone at Crown Hill Cemetery. The stone looks like the trunk of a tree, and if you look closely, you will see an anchor and some other maritime objects carved into the stone as well.
The person's name appears to be W.H. Wyings. He or she was born June 28, 1854 and died on May 8th, 1886.
Here is your challenge: Who do you think this person was? What was their personality? What did they want more than anything? Did they get it?
In a paragraph or two, try to bring this person back to life through your imagination.
Have fun!
Professor Watermelon

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