Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MUSEBOX: Luck of the IRISH!

Dear Creative Writers,

Look at what I found in the MUSEBOX! A charming Leprechaun! I am totally stealing his sparkly clothes (chuckle). Here is your Creative Writing Challenge: Can you take this ordinary leprechaun and make him extraordinary? What does he have in that barrel? Magic frogs?

Write a paragraph and bring this LEPRECHAUN to LIFE! This challenge is worth $10 Melon Dollars!

Luck be with YOU!

Professor Watermelon


  1. Once upon a time there was a leprechaun names Luke. He loved everything pumpkin, like pumpkin pies and always carried a barrel full of pumpkins. He also had a small plane that he could fly.

    One day he was flying to work. He got caught in a huge windstorm and landed up in Egypt. The tires of his plane got ruined in the landing. In Egypt he found another leprechaun who had moved there many years back. But he had a problem - How was he going to get back to work?

    His leprechaun friend said he could teleport Luke to the US airspace. But how was he going to take off and land his plane. He got an idea – how about using pumpkins for tires. He picked 4 hard pumpkins and attached them to his plane. His friend teleported him to the US and voila – he was back at work.

    - Amar

  2. this leprechauns name is Lep. Lep lives on a grass hill. One day Lep was inside his little house and it was raining. Finally when the rain stopped Lep saw a huge rainbow. Lep had heard stories about rainbow but had never seen a rainbow. Lep wanted to go to the end of the rainbow, he had heard that gold waits at the end of every rainbow. he needed something to carry the gold in. He looked around he saw a barrel nearby. He grabbed it and ran to the end of the rainbow. After long days he finally got to the end of the rainbow. He saw a big pile of gold. Lep thought why don't I just live here. And so he did. THE END


  3. Professor Watermelon ROCKS!!!!


  4. Professor Watermelon ROCKS!!!!