Thursday, September 27, 2012

Professor Watermelon's Imagination Caps

Dear Creative Writers!

Soon you will have the opportunity to use your Melon Money to buy one of Professor Watermelon's Signature Imagination Caps. Wear it wherever you go, especially when you are writing, and just see how it charges your imagination with creative energy.

I hand crochet each Imagination Cap myself. Hope you ENJOY!

With Imagination,

Professor Watermelon


  1. professor watermelon our we able to get the hat at our last class?


    1. Hello Austin! I will try my hardest to have an Imagination Cap ready for your last auction. By the way, I am very proud of you for all of the writing you have contributed to the blog! Way to go!

  2. my sister janvi won one of those 2 days ago. usually they go up to the hundreds. I got one 2 years ago that was rainbow and almost everybody had raised there hands but my sister only got one for one melon dollar since every one was waiting for the bookworms.

    lord cheeesecake also rhea Bhatia

  3. Can you bring one to next weeks auction? It will be the last one of the trimester!

    Thanks, Someone from Sycamore.